Wonders and Legends

Session 5

<u>Sunday Night.</u>

Guests arrive – Kyra, Ezran. Ezran's father had some serious issues with creating a cult within his religion – he was jailed and lost everything. Ezran spent lots of time trying to clear his father's name, only to find out that he was guilty all along.

Daddy breaks out a very fine bottle in a blue-green, shiny, iridescent glass, ribbed and in a basket of straw at the bottom. Sip – see shiny stars and fireworks around me. "Fey Wine". 

Lini is doing well. Went to the pathfinder's society – she met a shamen and went on a crazy drug trip.



7am wake up

Sack – with all the stuff from the Fallen Fortress

Adventuring clothes

Mogrim in the natural history hall – Scribes desk, in front of the creature's bones. Some sort of massive deer. Not carniverous from the teeth. Stands 3-4 meters tall without antlers. 

waterproof cloak
adventuring clothes
smart clothes
adventuring gear
- water flask, diary, compass, hemp rope, bedroll, rations

One side of the courtyard – freestanding wall, cobblestone mortared. Climb it easily, but Mogrim takes away my backpack. "next time with your backpack, or you're dead"

At a bar. "Standard rations for the lady, sailing clothes for the lady. Grappling hook. Silk rope. Pouch. Standard vials set – 5 vials (3 healing, 1 grace, 1 strength)."

115 gp.

The rat wheel. 15,000m when I go back tomorrow. – 11,500

I go home, eat, <u>do the accounts </u>then go jogging in the park for two hours.

Fall asleep in the bath.

Chest – not in my room.

Dressed and dinner. 12,700 steps

Steak. Aethelbert the Irritating – name of the rat wheel.

Red Rook. do our business.


Opens the chest: 

a) a book – sigil of the god Iomedae

b) a wierd shaped compass

c) a longsword

d) a pair of gloves

e) a pair of boots

f) a pouch – a stone – a magenta prism – magical

Surreal - 

Envelope. Wax seal – sign of Iomedae. 

"To my beloved daughter".

hands shaking.

"my beloved child. i'm really sorry i coudln't be here for you. I knew that this moment was coming from the first moment I took this sword in my hand. I'm really sorry that I wasn't there for you whilst you were growubg up. I'm really sorry I wasn;t there to see your first steps, or your smile. But i know for a fac that you have the most beautiful golden hair, and that your eyes shine like emeralds. If this chest is open that means that you are probably already 18 years old, so Happy Belated birthday, and for all the birthdays i missed. There are a lot of things I havent told your father or your brothers. You know that you come from a family in a far away land. What yo dont know is the reason i left this family. Yes, I was born like you, with a desire to see the world, to breathe in air from every single tree and flower in the world, but that was not as simple as that. Iomedae called for me, as she will all for you soon enough. You see, your mother and your mothers mother and her mother before her were vested with a great burden and blessing. Youve been chosen without ever being consulted, but it is as much as a blessing as a curse. I find myself considring it a blessing. it gave me you, and it gave me the best adventures of my life. I have spent 75 years of my life in what people in the world realized as just one year, and during those 75 years i have seen places which no one could imagine, and travelled to places no body has ever seen before. There is a story in this world, hidden between the pages – between the lines of the victor's narrative. It should become second nature to you to read between the lines, because in most cases that's where truth lies. Iomedae will help you see it, but in the end, it is always going to be your choice. By opening the book you must have found with the rest of my things you will begin a great journey, which will take you to places where light and darkness meet, and where sanity has no place. I am really sorry for all the hardships you are going to endure, and I'm really happy for all the wisdom that you'll gain, because i know from the bottom of my heart, that you're grown to be an amazing woman, worthy of my name, my blood and my soul. 

I love you. I am always with you,

your mother."

Book – magical – bound in leather, the corners spine and front are decorated with 3D flowers and a sun in the middle where the sword goes on the lock – made of silver or gold. 

b) a wierd shaped compass – magical – a wayfinder-  pathfinders compass

c) a longsword – engraved with Iomedae's crest. Magical. <u>Needs a spellcraft check.</u>

d) a pair of gloves – magical – gauntlets – inscribed with Iomedae's crest

e) a pair of boots – magical – metallic - inscribed with Iomedae's crest

f) a pouch – a stone - 




Take 115 gp:


Study the boots (25 minutes) – Boots of Elvenkind +5 competence in acrobatics

Long sword – not cursed – +2 Holy Longsword 

Breakfast and plod to the Pathfinder Lodge.

Gloves – gloves of the healer

Door slams open – wearing silver/gold metallic armour – symbol of Shelyn. Long white hai, blue eyes, but also little horns. Lord Ashborn "Nilluvian sent all the info and we're ready to set sail whenever you want. I would suggest that we leave in no more than two days."

We live in an era when the promises made and the prophecies that were told bear no meaning. People consider this to be a curse – I choose to see it as an opportunity.

Hold out the compass and the prism. A way finder and an ioun stone – a different kind of ioun stone (10,000 GP worth!). It's known to enhance your physical or mental aptitude – kind of a pact with the stone. You have to spin it or put it in your wayfinder – then tell it what you want to be gifted to you. Resonant power.

What happens next? I go home, relax. Tomorrow afternoon go find him at the docks at the ship, put my stuff in the cabin and get to know the ship.

Try to open the book. Middle of sun and longsword, there's the end of a pin. My blood opens it.

As I open the cover, the whole room is blanked with white light – completely blinds me.You hear from far away the sound of trumpets – at the same time feel burning on my back and then I loose consciousness. 

I wake up a few hours late – I passed out on the book (and drooled on it a bit). The book is the holy text of Iomedae.

"My dearest one, I am grateful that you have accepted my offer and my blessing. From this point onwards we walk together. To serve those who need, to protect those in need. For now, and for ever."

First pages are the commandments of Iomedae – the Tennants and Affirmations. Stories speak to me in a way I wasn't expecting. 

I am more beautiful – shining eyes, lips, skin, hair. I HAVE WINGS!

There is a story I'm going to tell you. It's a story your borther's don't know – Ishould't even know.

My mother was beautiful, smart, wise. She was part of a great convoluted story – much to do with the fate of our world. My mother and others sacrifieced themselves to that I and some others can live. The battle was lost in her time. She came back. She is in the world, two years older than me, and doesn't know about me yet. There were six other people who came back with her through a gate in Osirion. My mother used to be a human who was born in Aelyssos, died and was made an angel by Iomedae. She followed her will, failed, and then came back to make me. I am supposed to save a very important person who is fighting for the sake of the world. I can recognise the others, or at least their progeny, by the amulet like mine. 

Chrystovalantis left because he overhead a conversation with my mother. 

I need protection… he goes opens a huge secret corridor, Filled with paintings of my brothers, father, city. Case 2m high – an armour. Plate armour with sign of Iomedae – leaves space for wings. 



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