Wonders and Legends


"He won't have to be the carpenter forever – soon we'll have more carpenters than we can deal with!" – background quote from Lord Ashborn and Arthur Featherspell…

During the small hours , the sea becomes more restless. 1st time I feel choppy waves. Smell the salt and hear thunder. Rain.

Don't feel very good (fatigued, sickened) – sun rising but wind and drizzle – storm brewing. Hurricane. 

Nathanial - the ship's boy

breakfast – young man serving breakfast (cook's assistant)

Porridge and tea (with non-seasick herbs)

Shelyn. Love, arts, culture – everything everyone else is lacking.

Carpentry station: sitting with a sailor preparing a wedge or something

Lieutenant helped build the ship. Story of the ship – commissioned about a year ago in Magnimar - the purpose is to be an exploration and maneuverable combat vessel. bigger than it looks, lower decks wider than top decks. Goes through the basic tools – sand paper, chissel, turners, adze, planes. Sailor sitting there "Marvin" an able seaman and apprentinve carpenter – he helps me construct small pieces. Spend the whole morning and early afternoon. 

Ship – "Aurora". Figurehead of the ship – beautiful woman with angelic wings, huge hammer, scales. Metallic halo. 

nap – jog and pressups. 

Read about - 

Morden - 

He seems like he'd like to tell me more

MY MOTHER "a women, even her enemies respected – integrity, valour, absolute belief without compromise". implicit trust between his mother and mine. 

We have to go into one of the ruins around Mordant spire. 

"as the actress said to the bishop". 








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