Melodia "Mel" Angelou



Mel is a 18 year girl of Iblydan heritage, who grew up in Absalom. Her aim is to enter into the Pathfinders and eventually to become a Venture-Captain. However, aware of her own inability to sit still, she is aiming for a field commission.

Growing up with 5 brothers and no mother, Mel is decidedly a tom-boy and, despite the fact that she knows etiquette (her father sent her to good schools, had her tutored well) she rebels against it, and would rather be singing songs of adventure and misadventure at the local watering hole – her favourite pastime which earns her a little coin on the side to pursue her fencing lessons (which her father knows nothing about). She recognises a few of Absalom’s notable Pathfinders by sight these days, particularly Adriel Hestron who is a keen drinker. She spends time poring over pathfinder chronicles in the Absalom library.

Growing up in Absalom and surrounded by other cultures, Mel has a distinct wanderlust and is desperate to explore the world. Though she has been schooled in several languages, she has not, until now, left Absalom.


Father Giorgos is a Merchant from a merchant family in the city of Aelyosos, the westernmost city of note in the archipelago of Iblydos in the Obari Ocean. It serves as the gateway to Iblydan culture and hospitality to most travellers on the Obari Crossing.

Mother died in childbirth – was also from a merchant family and assisted with the business.

Melodia has had a few dalliances with boys her age, but nothing to distract her from her goal of exploration and discovery. She hasn’t yet understood the general fascination with sex and love which seems to preoccupy most people but, with her lust for life and adventure, it’s probably just a matter of time until she meets someone who sparks her interest.

Melodia has a few good friends, but none who would understand her double life. Her school friends include the introverted and bookish Milly, whose mother is a librarian at the Great Library in Absalom, and the kind-hearted and beautiful Annabelle, who wants to become a fashion designer and praise Shelyn by creating beautiful clothes.

Jack is a serving boy at the local tavern where Melodia hangs out and earns a few coins for singing. He is another eager listener of stories, and they often spend evenings exchanging good ones.

Melodia’s Family:
Paternal grandfather Manos Angelou was the eldest son of an important merchant family in Aelysos. He was infamous for his shrewd deals and cunning solutions around problems. He had a large family.

Paternal grandmother Eleanna of Aelyosos was the beautiful young daughter of the local grocer when Manos Angelou first set eyes on her. Serene, maternal and not very bright, she was an excellent wife and mother, though Manos’s countless affairs and illegitimate offspring attest that she was perhaps not the most interesting of women.

Father Giorgos Angelou: The fourth and last son of Manos Angelou, Giorgos decided that the best way to make his mark and extend the reach of the Angelou trading empire was to move to Absalom and create his own branch. He arrived in the city at 22 years old with nothing but a small amount of starting fund and the family name.

Maternal Grandfather Chrysanthos “The Golden one” was an Aasimar adventurer who, whilst passing through the city of Aelyosis, had a wild romance with Demitria Miniadou, and which resulted in Melodia’s birth.

Maternal Grandmother Demitria Miniadou was born into another great trading family of Aelysos, the Miniadous. However, following a wild romance with the Aasimar Chrysanthos “the golden one”, fell pregnant at 17. Her parents brought Melodia Senior up as their own. When Demitria was courted by Yiannis of Nithia, a wealthy farmer with a small number of farms in rural Iblyda, Demitria left Melodia with her mother to start a life with them. Melodia thus grew up as a ward of her grandparents.

Mother Melodia Miniadou – her grandfather was desperate that she should carry on the family merchant business, and it was on a trip to Absalom that she met and fell in love with Giorgos. Realising the potential usefulness of a permanent trade base in Absalom, Melodia’s Grandfather approved the match, provided that the merchant business in Absalom was known as Angelou-Miniadou. Melodia was smart, creative, curious and adventurous. She and Giorgos Angelou had a very happy marriage until she died during the birth of Melodia Jnr.

1. Manos – Absalom, diplomat and trade negotiator – smart, gragarious, diplomatic. Married with two living children.
2. Giorgos – Absalom, director of the imports and exports warehouse – studious, intelligent, quiet
3. Chrys – Location Unknown – went off to try to find his grandfather and namesake when he was 21. Adventurous, intelligent, driven.
4. Manos – Magnimar, trade branch of the Angelou family which is currently expanding the family’s base. Gregarious, intelligent, manipulative. Married to Elena, 1 daughter Demitria.
5. Harris – Absalom, unemployed. Alcoholic who twice embezzled money from the family. Family supports him with a stipend.
6. Melodia (Mel) – adventurous, inquisitive, charismatic, humorous

Melodia "Mel" Angelou

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