Adril Hestram

Pathfinder Venture Captain, Absalom (Human, Fighter 9)



A monstrously big man of mixed descent, Adril Hestram’s blubbery bulk hides massive muscles. He claims to have come from the north, but remains unspecific about his homeland. Though his face is worn and bedraggled, his eyes still glimmer, and he retains an easy, gap-toothed smile behind a tousled beard.

Aside from adventuring, Adril likes to drink and arm-wrestle, in that order. An able warrior and veteran of countless dungeon delves, he’s the most prominent venture-captain concerned with exploring the various siege castles beyond Absalom’s gates.

Every year, Adril takes a handful of favorite Pathfinder initiates under his wing, and sometimes escorts them to interesting local sites, though never anything overly dangerous.

Some Pathfinders suggest that he has inappropriate relationships with his more attractive protégés, but even if that is so, there have been no complaints from the initiates involved.


Adril Hestram

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