Wonders and Legends

Session 6

Wealday – noon

Pouch – 115gp  and Adventuring stuff – go down to the docks. 

Topsail standing above all the others. Mighty galleon – darkwood hull illustrated with gold leaf and etched signs – beautiful white sails. 2 decks above water! Being filled continuously – multiple planks. 

Mogrim – shocked by my skin/hair transformation. Enter the bowles of the ship – tiny cabin – hammock. Setting sail tomorrow morning – don't spend all day here but get to know the people on board. I'm the only woman. Sail tomorrow – 6am. Room contains – tiny desk, tiny bed, tiny chest. Some sailor's sleeping quarters, My room is one of four at the very bakc of the ship. The resk of my deck is empty except for 8 ballistas and 3 harpoon guns. Top deck – captain's quarters directly above me. Abvoe that the wheel. Very front of the top deck -

Beneath deck is mainly cargo – lots of lumber, food, crates. Animals – horses, chickens, pigs, lambs – at least 3 cats. 

 Librarian of Pathfinder's lodge – sells some books there. 

Each deck has two ways up and 2 ways down. 

Grand Librarian – super old man. Books for sale? 

"The Grand Atlas of the Known World" 

Gift fro the Quartermaster – A calligrapher's set – 3 quills, 6-8 nibs, 4 colours of ink – black, blue, red green

Towels, perfume, soap, socks, panties, nightie, sewing kit, 1 bolts of white cloth, hairbrush, shampoo. Small wooden box with leaves of tea which is supposed to settle your stomach. 

Kyra applied for the pathfinder society. Ezran and Lini arrive, and Manos with his wife. 

Family photo! Magical family painting. 

Write diary. Go to bed.

<u>Oathday – </u>5 am! Dad wakes me up. 

Breakfast – coffee and goodbyes.

Mogrim waits for me at the top of the gang plank.

watch absalom get smaller

Mogrim – waiting until we were at sea until he told me more. Crossing Aroden's arch, to the Morden Spire to resupply. From There we'll set sail for the long journey to Arcadia. Western most continent. Making landfall to a location called "Dawnflower Bay" were we'll build a new pathfinder lodge – the first known transial arcadian lodge. It;ll take about 25 days to reach morden's spire. Suggests I start learning from the sailors – Boatswain Marcus will be the one to give you a hand. Marcus is a short human -reminds you of Adril in his smile. brown hair in dreadlocks – canvas shirt and strong leather trousers. Short boots. Scrub the deck with salt water and water treatment.  Dinner in the officer's mess.

Navigator – Eilijah Whitghast
Captain Lord Ashborn - owner of the ship
Captain Mogrim
3 others I don't know
- Quartermaster Sebastian Dreambrew
- 1st lieutenant Arthur Featherspell
- Master Gunner – Thanos Sharpreaver
Fat cook leaves a beautifully cooked fish in the middle of the table

Golden/ silver disk – half dragon and half angel

Ashborn has one of these too. His mother gave them out. 

Tomorrow's work – shadowing the carpenter and learning from him. 1st lieutenant Arthur Featherspell.

Gives me a greyed-out crystal – burnt out iounstone. I can cast light on that and see more easily. 

Write diary. Read the prayers of the day. Sleep…



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