Wonders and Legends

Session 4: 16th Kythona 4711: Sunday

A dream come true?

Heal myself – 2 wounds

Go to the locksmith – 1st thing Monday with Giorgos

Walk to the lodge. Natural history gallery – write notes and read about them animals.

Approached by Captain Mogrim. I can't wait to know more. Thought about joining. I'd have access to all those books.

CLASH: 9am sharp, Captain Mogrim's study. Learn some respect – you will call me Sir or Master (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). Go home – think of what you need to gather for a long journey over sea. 

I will be paid 1gp/day, board and food paid. 

Go to Red Rook. 

Take with me:
waterproof cloak
adventuring clothes
smart clothes
adventuring gear

Adril – he can hold his drink, I'll give him back.

Not as joyless as he seems. Strict. Stern. Finds me a bit chatty. And irreverent. One of the most hard-to-satisfy teachers in the school, but one of the best. 

Persuade Adril to tell me "going somewhere which no one I know has ever been before". 

Ballanar – got his confirmation! 

Scribble a note for Jack:

Hey Jack – I got an apprenticeship – with a Pathfinder! A real life guy – very strict and grim, so I'm not certain he won't just kill me himself if I get too chatty. His name's Captain Mogrim. I'll be heading off soon over seas – not sure where - but just wanted to let you know that I'm really doing it. I'm living the dream we always talked about! Stay safe, and I'll see you soon, I hope!

Mel xx


Told Daddy I would be apprenticed to a Pathfinder – difficult conversation. "Every night I'll look up at the stars and think about how I'm coming home to you."

Write a note to Kyra - talk up Giorgos to Kyra, and invite them all for dinner. Inform the housekeeper. Lini, Kyra, Ezran. 

Take tea, make a packing list. Rest a bit before dinner:

<u>Packing list:</u>
waterproof cloak
adventuring clothes
smart clothes
adventuring gear
- water flask, diary, compass, rope, bedroll, 

Write Diary.



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