Wonders and Legends

Session 2: 11th & 12th Kythona 4711, Toilday & Wealday

Preparation for my first big adventure

Dear Diary,

it's been an incredibly lucky and excellent day today! I headed out to the library to continue my research on survival techniques and basic adventuring know-how and came across a lovely woman called Kyra. Well, by "came across" I mean that she almost walked into me when I was searching for a book on a high shelf, and I had to do some kind of crazy leap to avoid her crashing into me. The book I was searching for discusses the items which Pathfinders and other adventurers use for their work and travels, and Kyra said that she was also aiming to use that book. I recognized a like spirit and interests, particularly as she was reading "Absalom's Cairnlands" which was next on my list! Anyway, she's very pretty – from Quadira, so with tanned skin and a fetching yellow turban – and she's very nice and interesting. 

After the library closed early (another private function – I can't believe how much money they make off those things)  we headed to the Katapeshi coffee house round the corner. They really do have the best spiced coffee, and their small nut biscuits are amazing. Kyra felt right at home, she said, so that's a good thing. 

We got talking – turns out that she left Quadira because her whole family was attacked and killed, though she didn't go into details, obviously. She follows Sarenrae - "the Dawn flower" as she calls her. She told me about a small expedition she is going on soon with a mage called Esran, along with another girl called Lini (who has a big white snow leopard called Drugami), and is from the Land of the Limnore Kings. A "cultural treasures appropriator" has given them a job to explore a tower in the Cairnlands, which has become accessible due to damage fom the recent earthquakes. 

I went along with Kyra to the Red Hook to meet these people. It fitted in well with my plans anyway, since I had been planning to see Adril Hestran about the Cairnlands in any case.

Esran is a middle-aged man with tiny reading spectacles. When I appeared he almost choked on his pipe by accident, and he was reading a book. Lini, on the other hand, is tiny and golden faced with bright green hair. She is definitely not human, but more than that I can't say. Her big cat, Drugami, ensured that there was some space around the table.

Esran was rather dubious about taking me on for the expedition, even though I don't want paying, I'm charming, I speak 4 languages, and I'm not bad with a rapier. Kyra spoke up on my behalf – said that I'm good at research. The real clincher came, though, when Adril sauntered up. I started asking him about the Cairnlands and he told me that he's managed to lose a student out there somewhere – a bard called Ballanar whose confirmation assignment, actually, was to explore and document the very tower we're heading for. Adril handed over a map (from his sweaty balls – he really needs to stop storing things there, but I guess that at least it's thief-proof!), which I promptly gave to Ezren. That's why I'm useful, I told him. He seemed convinced because we're set to leave in two days. 

From the map, it'll take about 7-8 hours to reach the closest farmstead to the tower, at which point we'll probably want to stop, and make the further hour and a half journey to the tower itself the next day. That means that we'll be traveling on Oathday and arrive on Fireday. 

In other news, my Mother's chest seems to be completely un-openable. I tried everything I could, but nothing seems to work. I'm loath to take more physical action in case there's a tampering trap (I've read about these in some of the delving books) or I break what's inside. 

So, on the whole, a good day. Far better that I have people to go out with, and something specific to do on a dry run, than that I just go sleep in the shadow of a ruin for a night and head home the next day (my original plan). If this really is a Pathfinder confirmation task, and I document my finds well, maybe I might even make some headway into earning a field commission. It would be nice, at least, to feel like I'd paid Captain Mogrim back for all of his kindnesses the other day. 


12th Kythona 4711, Wealday

Dear Diary,

I've invited Esran and the girls round tonight night for a drink, and I'm hoping that he might be able tot help with the chest as well. At the very least, it should be a good chance to get to know each other better before we head off into the unknown – the unknown to me, at any rate. 

I've been reflecting on what Kyra said – that I didn't know anything about the world, or about suffering, because I've lived my whole life protected by walls. It caused me to stop and think about whether I'm ungrateful or not. But I don't think that I am. I can't help the way I feel, the desperation I have to see the world. I'm grateful for the calm and safe life I grew up with, but that doesn't mean that I have to be chained to it. Her aims of vanquishing evil are, of course, altruistic and noble. Perhaps my quest for secrets and knowledge and adventure are, by comparison, frivolous. But everyone recently has been asking me what I want, and that's what it is. I can't deny it to myself, even if I'm not yet ready to share it with other people. 

So, my agenda today involves shopping for supplies and gear, a quick library trip, and dinner with the family. Then Ezran and the girls should be coming by and hopefully I can finally get into that chest which has eluded me this far!


A fairly successful shopping trip! I bought some survival gear I'd read about at the library, as well as some scriveners' equipment for recording our finds and some supplies. I also bought one <u>incredibly expensive</u> healing potion. I'm hoping that I don't have to use it, but I read that it's good to have such a thing, just in case. 

I'm in the library now. I did a final, quick check of the survival books, just to see it there's anything I've forgotten, but I didn't see anything obvious. I've done a quick overview of the history of Absalom too – and particularly the history of those who tried to invade it – in an effort to narrow down the provenance of the tower we're headed to. My theory is that it's either Taldan or Quadiran (from their repeated attempts to manipulate and control Absalom during the era of Excess (2000-2849AD), or from the Archlords of Nex (from the Age of Blades) or else a Chelish siege outpost from the Era of Rising Tides (3541-4136AR). These are still rather too many options, but at least it's a start, and may give me some indication of what to expect.


Bedtime: but just wanted to scribble down the rest of the day. Ezran couldn't open the chest, and says that we need an unlocking spell (which he doesn't have). Not sure what my Mom wanted to hide in there, but it looks like I'll have to go further to get some help. I guess I'll have to sort it out when I get back now, since we're leaving tomorrow. Still haven't told Daddy anything about that. I guess the canny bastard has figured something's going on, but I'll leave him a note saying that I'll be back by Sunday. 

Meanwhile, Giorgos is completely infatuated with Kyra, from what I can tell. It's like the thing with Annabelle all over again. I've promised that I'll invite her for dinner sometime and arrange the table in his favor (she doesn't see too impressed with him from what I can tell, but then, I wouldn't be either). In return, he says he has some information on Mom which I would be interested in – something about a 'wardrobe' apparently. No idea what that means, but Giorgos is usually true to his word, in a roundabout fashion. Got to be at Ezran's house at 9am tomorrow, so time to turn in early. 


Wake, dress, breakfast.

8 cp

find the survival book

around 1600 – Found references to another book which discusses the items which pathfinders and other adventurers use.

Encounter a pretty, tanned-skinned girl absorbed in a book – wearing a yellow patterned turban – she's reading "Absalom's Cairnlands" l which i also wanted to 

Coffee – Katapesh coffee house, with Hookah and spiced coffee with small nut biscuits. 

Kyra – looks about 23 or so. From Quadira. holy symbol around her neck. Have a small company – Kyra, Esran, Lini (and her tiger Drugami). "Cultural treasures appropriator" – has given them a job to expore a tower in the Cairnlands.

Middleaged – Esran – mage – of the Dawnflower (Sarenrae).

Lini from the very far north. 

Meeting at a tavern in the docks – The Red Hook.  my local singing tavern!

In the corner of the pub – old man with a staff, blue robe. Reading a book with tiny reading glasses. Although it's very busy, there's 3-4 m distance between him and everyone else. Little woman with a golden face and green hair, lying on top of the snow ball – both playing wtih a red ball. 

Persuade Esran to take me on – I'm charming, i speak 4 languages, I'm not bad with a rapier. Kyra speaks up on my behalf – she's good a research. Esran is quite prudish.

ABRIL has misplaced a student! he's a bard Ballanar – sent himto the Cairnlands to check out a tower which got reports. Failed to reply. We have a map now!

2 hours to leave the city – 5-6 hours to reach the closest farmstead from the tower – 1.5 hours from the tower. 

Chest – unopenable! 

Go to bed!


12th Kythona, 4711,  Wealday

Wake up – write a message to Esran – 20h30 – drink and helo wtih a mysterious object which is giving me trouble. Kyra and Lili are welcome to join!

Agenda – buy some adventuring stuff (water skin, backpack, apples and crakers and hard cheese, leather bound notebook and pens, potions)

Lirbrary = check out the "stff  I need" book and don't see anything I've missed. Who tried to take over Absalom? (Because I want to know the possible historical choices of the tower we're visitng in the Cairnlands. 



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