Wonders and Legends

Session 1: 10th Kythona 4716

The Grand Lodge

Beautiful midsummer day – just finished school a few days ago. Graduated with pretty good marks and we've spent the last few days having farewell parties and graduation ceremonies, etc. Just being happy in the city.

As part f celebrations – travelled around the city and saw pituresque locations like Grand Temple. 

Family's estate – at the top of one of the hills close to the docks. Walled keep – garden wit a well in the iddle. 

Older brothers have already let this morning, because they are working. Father is still at home. Told me that he'd like to have breakfast with me when I'm up and talk to me. 

I will go to Magnimar on the ship. OR become a pathfinder.

My mother used to be a pathfinder!!!!!

Elisa Petoulengro – she knew my mother. In Absalom, venture captain and a librarian for the grand lodge.

Take a rickshaw to the Great Lodge. 

Into the Skyreach – richly decorated, cosy lounge 

First room on the left – museum of natural hisotry – fantastical and non-fantastical. Skeletal or painted or stuffed. 

Ask directions to the Library from an Old man. He helps me find my mother in the pathfinder book. She was a pathfinder in osirion! Venture captain Chevala – performs a spell o the book.

Short but productive pathfinder career. Expedition in the Osirion desert to excavate a Mastaba (ancient Eygyptian tomb). 

Venture Captain Morgrim! Dwarf.

Osirion room – waystones – ironstones. Hand of the first pharoah, with 5 iron stones in the skin.

Rest of the room is filled with spwrds. and randon other artefacts.

rooms for Katapesh, Quadira, Orision, Taldor (and the now Cheliax Empire and Andor -northern coast of the inner sea)

rooms for Nidel, Varisia, Lands of the Limnore Kings, Nirmanthis

rooms for Kyonin, River kngdoms, Galt, Lasthold, Ustalav and Nimiria

Rooms of natural history 


Building in the east of the entrance – Galleries open to the pubic for Garund and on the opposite side, information about Kasmarun. The whole floor is a massive map of Golarion! Theres some kind of magical text but i don't know what it is. 


Walk to the public library:

My curriculum to prepare for my dry-run expedition:

<u>Survival information "Survival Guide" </u>

How to: light a fire, pitch a tent, cook a basic meal, fresh water, list of items for adventurers, take care of a pack animal

<u>Kortos information geography and history: </u>

- Sites close to the city – history and pre-modern settlers, geographical features, maps

- Adventurers in Kortos and what they have seen

- Pathfinder chronicles – look through the expeditions listed and see what has been done in Kortos

Write down page numbers:

19h pack up stuff and head for home. Arrive home at 20h. Go sit and eat at the table. Dad is reading at the table. 

Housekeeper – Sonya. Daughter of the previous housekeeper – about 22.

Take a bath and go to bed





<meta />

Dear Diary,


My mom was a Pathfinder! There – I know that’s just blurting it out, and Madame Scrim would be furious for my lack of decorous style. But she was. A pathfinder, I mean. I can hardly believe it.


The last few days have been pretty intense, with all the graduation parties and dinners and stuff. Now I’m not at school any more, the city seems different, like it’s on holiday too. The weather has been beautiful – warm but balmy and with a little breeze. Just perfect.


But today, Daddy wanted to talk to me. And you’ll never guess – he KNEW about the fencing lessons! Apparently my rat teacher went and asked if he was ALLOWED to teach me – can you even believe that?! Seigneur Raspin is due for a good shouting at, if you ask me. Mind you, he so Galtian he’d probably just stand there with his lip curled, sniff and turn away, like he does when you miss an easy lunge. Who knows, maybe Daddy knows about that too?


Daddy asked me what I wanted to do with my life and if I wanted to go to Magnimar. And then he told me that I was just like Mom and that she used to be a pathfinder, and that a woman called Elisa Petoulengro knew her. And this Elisa Petoulengro was in Absalom – a VENTURE CAPTAIN, even, and a librarian for the Grand Lodge. That’s amazing, right? I can hardly believe it!


So, of course, then I headed out of the estate and to the Great Lodge (the rickshaw guy tried to charge me 5 SILVER for the ride – I gave him two – one for each of the balls it took to ask for that price!)


I went into the first, building that I’d come to. I can’t believe that I’ve never had an excuse to go there before. It was a massive hall, all richly decorated in different styles together, and with a fountain in the middle. I figured out later that the floor of the hall is a giant map of Golarion and the fountain is the Island of Kortos!


I wandered around a little bit, unsure of what to do. I mean – this was the Pathfinder society – everyone here was busy and important. For a while I strolled around a gallery of natural history, filled with amazing creatures represented in skeletal form, painting, and even some stuffed examples. I saw minotaurs and harpies, and all manner of other creatures. It was extraordinary, and I do mean to go back, it that wasn’t going to help me get more information on my mother.


Finally, I plucked up some courage and went to a friendly looking group of three people who were chatting in the main hall. I asked directions to the library from an old man, and explained that I was looking for Elisa Petoulengro, who had known my mother. He offered to help me instead and, with the assistance of a woman he called Chevala (she had turquoise gemstones imbued into her arm somehow, and worked some seriously awesome Juju on one of the books – holy hells, I’d love to be able to do that) found my mother’s name. She was a Pathfinder in Osirion! He did a bit more research and found that she had a short but productive Pathfinder Career, and that she was one of the first to explore the Osirion desert. She brought back a disembodied hand from a Mastaba (an ancient Osirion tomb), which has five ironstones imbued into the skin. The old man turned out to also be a venture captain (I met two venture captains in one day!) – a dwarf called Venture Captain Morgim. He talked a bit about the ancient Azlanti technology of ironstones and waystones, but he wouldn’t tell me what they were, and said that there was no information available on them to the public. Another Pathfinder secret, I suppose. There are no written records from Ancient Osirion about ironstones, but if this was the first Pharaoh then he’d probably want to keep that power to himself to wow or wield over his subordinates – whatever power it has.


Captain Mogrim went away after a while, and I wandered around the other rooms open to the public. I have an idea forming in my mind. Mogrim said that there are two ways to enter the Pathfinder society. The first is through an entrance exam, and THREE MORE YEARS of study, and then a final test (which is usually a first field commission). The second he called a ‘field promotion’ which is when you just go and do stuff and report it. At the front of the Pathfinder Chronicles it always says “Explore, Report, Cooperate”. I guess if I just follow the motto, I might earn myself a field commission sometime.


So, busy with these thoughts, I investigated the rest of the rooms open to the public in this big structure.


There are rooms there dedicated to regions: Osirion, Quadira, Katapesh and what used to be the Taldor empire *and is now the Cheliax Empire and Andor); another corridor led off to Nidel, Varisia, the Lands of the Limnore Kings and Nirmanthis. A third corridor led to rooms for Kyonin, the River Kingdoms, Galt, Lasthold, Ustalav and Nimiria. These rooms were full of relics – swords, pots, armour and other artefacts – and were decorated in the regional style of the territory they were representing.


After I’d explored all this, I went to speak to Captain Mogrim again, asking him about other areas open to the public. Apparently there are galleries for Garund and Kasman in the building to to east of the entrance, but there aren’t any books available to the public.



With an idea half-formed in my head, I walked to the library. I needed more information before I was ready to go out by myself. I don’t mind admitting that I’ve been spoiled with soft beds and comfortable living – I don’t know how to light a fire, or cook my own food, or how to make a campsite. But these are all things I can learn without too much trouble. I scanned through the massive library catalogue and finally found a general guide to wilderness survival. Locating it, I pulled it out and settled myself at a table.


I’ve created a curriculum of things I need to learn before I go for my dry-run expedition.


Survival information "Survival Guide"

How to: choose a good campsite, light a fire, pitch a tent, cook a basic meal, fresh water, list of items for adventurers, take care of a pack animal (food, water, basic maintenance, etc)


Kortos information geography and history:

- Sites close to the city – history and pre-modern settlers, geographical features, maps

- Adventurers in Kortos and what they have seen

- Pathfinder chronicles – look through the expeditions listed and see what has been done in Kortos


I had enough time to scan the wilderness survival guide and start marking down page numbers for further study. I’ll go back tomorrow and do some more. Meanwhile, it was getting late and I was tired and hungry. I walked home around 8.00 and went straight for supper. Daddy says there might be some things of Mom’s somewhere, and Sonya said there was a trunk which she’ll bring up tomorrow.


I’ve bathed and I’m ready to sleep now. Tomorrow I’ll go through the trunk, and go ask Captain Adril Hestron some questions tomorrow night (I’ll have to buy him drinks, of course). He’s always boasting he’s got the best knowledge of the siege towers around Absalom, so maybe he’d be able to suggest one to go explore. He’s always taking out initiates, he says (and sometimes “taking” them too, from what I hear.) I bet I could get Jack to come with me, too. It’d be fun, I think.





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